The Dispensary Dilemma

The Dispensary Dilemma

The Dispensary Dilemma

Thanks for joining us for Part II of what it means to have a cannabis expert to curate your cannabis. (Part I is over here!)

Whether your dispensary features upscale décor, sports a more legitimate, “clinical” look, or is a total dive, they all have one thing in common: Cannabis Dispensary Overload. In their effort to try and please everyone, they have created a chaotic and confusing environment: Endless rows of glass jars labelled with names like Green Crack, Trainwreck, AK-47 and Chernobyl; Indica, Sativa or Hybrid; contrasting THC vs. CBD levels. Displays of edibles, extracts, and vapors, of every flavor imaginable

(Let’s not forget to mention the long lines, having to pay in cash, questions about quality and freshness — and the potential awkwardness of running into your boss, neighbor, kid’s teacher, etc.)

When your dispensary has more choices than a Chinese take-out menu, the experience can be daunting – even for life-long cannabis users. How do you know what you will like? How do you know how fresh it is? How do you know what the effects will be? What if you don’t know the right questions to ask to get what you truly need?

Wouldn’t it just be easier to tell someone what you would like your experience to be and have them personally select several extraordinary strains for you – from the farm, not just from whatever is available in that dispensary that’s closest to you on that day? Having an expert curate your cannabis is not just about convenience – they know the best strains that meet your needs, and can easily separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak, to minimize the anxiety, confusion and trial & error process of dispensary buying.

If you think that the above doesn’t really impact you all that much, or hasn’t yet convinced you as to why you need an expert to choose your cannabis, check back soon for Part III, which delves into strain misinformation, variances of growing best practices and more.

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