Strain Misinformation

Strain Misinformation

Strain Misinformation

Welcome back! In our last post, we talked about how having an expert curate your cannabis helps you avoid some of the pitfalls associated with buying from a dispensary and can provide you with a deeper level of knowledge about your medicine. But the rabbit hole goes even deeper – into areas that only a cannabis expert would know.

Cannabis is a genus and its species are Indica, Sativa and the far lesser-known Ruderalis. Over many millennia, humans have cultivated and interbred the many naturally occurring genetic “strains” of cannabis. This has resulted in an uncountable number of unique types of cannabis, each with it’s own set of odors, tastes and effects. Keeping track of these different strains is a task fulfilled by the legions of geneticists who make the strains, the farmers who cultivate them, the trimmers who prepare the cannabis for consumption and the dispensaries and delivery services who get them from the farm to your door. In the modern era, sites such as have aggregated this information into a searchable database, which is quite comprehensive, though not complete.

With no national standard system for tracking the cannabis along these pathways from seed to your door, there are many opportunities for mistakes to be made. Even megalith medical states such as California are only just now beginning the process of tracking the plant from source to your door with the passage of AB-266. But these new regulations don’t take effect for a few years.

Mistakes in labeling, forgetful staff, lost information and in some cases the desire for a geneticist or grower to keep a strain “secret” all result in the public not being 100% sure they are getting the same strain that the label shows. For medical cannabis users, this mis-information could have potentially serious outcomes.

Having an expert choose your cannabis through Potbox’s farm-direct model gives our patients unparalleled quality assurance since our experts are involved in every step from seed selection to delivery.

Don’t leaf us yet, bud! More great reasons to have experts curate your cannabis to come in Part IV!

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