What is Ethical Cannabis?

What is Ethical Cannabis?

What is Ethical Cannabis?

At Potbox, our mission is to curate the highest quality, most ethically grown, premium medical cannabis for our discerning clientele, and deliver not only an outstanding product and service, but a great customer experience as well.

But… what is ethical cannabis, and why are we so passionate about it?

Ethical cannabis is grown with the purest intention, with the well-being of the end-user and the environment at heart. It’s about carefully controlling all phases of the plant’s life cycle and creating a sense of stewardship that pervades the process from seed to soul. It’s about respecting the rights and the livelihoods of the people who cultivate and harvest our cannabis. And it’s about being 100% transparent in everything that we do so that you – our valued customers – will never have to worry about where your medicine comes from, what it contains, how the plants were cared for, or how it gets from the field to your mailbox each month.

Some of the factors that we take into consideration – so that you don’t have to – include:

  • Pest and disease control: Whether it’s hand-picking katydids and grasshoppers off the plants, or protecting against herbivores with fencing and humane traps, or spraying the plants with naturally occurring oils or other natural compounds to prevent disease, ethical cannabis farmers work far harder to ensure the end-user obtains a pure form of their medicine.
  • Using only certified organic nutrients: While cannabis farms are not covered by the organic certification programs at the state or federal level, the ingredients they use are in fact certified.
  • Soil composition: Organic soil mixed with all-natural additives provide the plants with the much needed building blocks for their growth. Ethical cannabis farmers use only the highest quality organic soil and additives to nurture healthy pure medicine.
  • Feeding and fertilizing: By avoiding toxic, petroleum-based products found in most non-organic fertilizers, the ethical cannabis grower not only ensures that the plants (and thus the end user) are not exposed to these harmful chemicals, but that they do not leech into the surrounding environment.
  • Minimizing the environmental impact: In addition to using environmentally-friendly farming practices and techniques, all of the cannabis we curate comes from outdoor farms vs. indoor hydroponic labs, which consume vast amounts of electricity and generate greenhouse gasses. Indoor marijuana cultivation consumes enough electricity to power 2 million average-sized U.S. homes, which corresponds to about 1 percent of national power consumption, according to a study by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.
  • Fair workplace practices: All of the farms with whom we partner have pledged to provide a decent wage for their workers and treat them fairly.
  • 100% locally grown: Working directly with small batch farms we are able to ensure that the sources of our cannabis are ethical as well – with no ties to shady black markets or gang cultures that so frequently pervade the cannabis industry. These farms are beneficial to their communities through the sales taxes they pay, the goods and services that they purchase and the healthy, well-paying jobs that they provide for the farmers.

As you can see, a lot more goes into growing ethical cannabis but we know first-hand that it makes a big difference. Hopefully you will experience and come to appreciate the difference, too, and join the ethical cannabis movement. We’d love to hear your thoughts or questions about ethical cannabis, just send us a message!

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