What is Potbox?

What is Potbox?

What is Potbox?

Welcome to Potbox, a premium cannabis subscription club. We curate the highest quality, most ethically-grown medical marijuana available and deliver it fresh from the farm directly to your door each month. Each month, Potbox subscribers receive two flavorful, aromatic and ethically-produced strains of premium cannabis, curated to meet the patient’s desired experience, and delivered by trusted employees in a well-appointed Potbox.

At Potbox, we strive to eliminate all of the confusion, frustration and anxiety out of buying medicinal cannabis, and deliver a much-needed premium product and a much better customer experience. Similar to other cannabis delivery services and mobile apps, Potbox lets you bypass the long dispensary lines – but that’s where the similarities end.

Dispensaries offer a broad variety of cannabis products, but the experience can be intimidating for patients who are not familiar with the numerous strains and their effects, or don’t know what to buy or how much. With Potbox, there is no need for our customers to know the difference between the various strains or guess what effects each will have. Our expert curators seek out the highest quality strains that meet the needs and the desired experience of our patients, and our trusted employees deliver it to their home or workplace. All you need to do is relax and enjoy the Potbox experience.

We also work directly with small-batch cannabis growers, which benefits our patients in two ways. First, so we can maintain quality control over many farming processes – from the seeds they cultivate; the use of organic soil, fertilizers and other compounds; how the cannabis is harvested and processed; etc. – so that you will never have to worry about where your medicine comes from, what it contains, how the plants were cared for, or how the cannabis gets from the field to your door each month. See our blog post on “What Is Ethical Cannabis?”

Second, it ensures that we are delivering the highest-quality, premium medical cannabis at the peak of freshness, flavor and potency. Delivery-only services can only deliver whatever strains the dispensaries have available, and they have no insight into how the cannabis was cultivated, how long it’s been sitting on the store shelves.

Because we have such a vested interest in the entire medical cannabis ecosystem – not just one facet — we’re devoted to setting higher standards that will help the cannabis industry expand and thrive. We strive to be 100% transparent in everything that we do. To that end…

…how did Potbox come about?

Potbox is the brainchild of Austin Heap and Ian Buczkowski, life-long friends. With their combined background in e-commerce and engineering the two would often riff on what their next start up would be.

While working at a subscription billing company, Austin got to watch a number of box-based start up companies grow and valuate in rapid fashion. He and Ian began brainstorming how they could build a meaningful box-based business around something about which they were both passionate. As medical marijuana patients, both were frustrated about having to wait in line at cannabis dispensaries, and the overwhelming choices that they faced with each visit. They realized that transforming this experience could be the box experience they were looking for. The only problem was they neither had access to large amounts of medical cannabis nor an established distribution network…

In 2014, they met Evrett Kramer, a 20-year cannabis industry veteran. The trio began exploring synergies between Everett’s, Austin’s and Ian’s vision. Suddenly, Austin and Ian had a source of premium medical cannabis and a built-in distribution network, and Evrett gained the means of expanding his vision of ethical cannabis production to a much broader audience.

And that’s how a box was born 🙂

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