Frequently Asked Questions


What do I need to sign up?

– Your California medical prescription
– Valid state ID or passport

What cities is your service available in?

Currently our service is operating in San Francisco, but expansion plans are already under way with a pilot program in Los Angeles. We’re expanding all over and if you’re interested in having Potbox in your town, feel free to let us know! [email protected]

When will Potbox be in my city?

We are expanding fast! Tell us what city you’d love to see Potbox in and we’ll let you know when we’re in your area. [email protected]

I'm having issues signing up

Email us at [email protected] and explain the issue you are having. During standard business hours we will be able to respond to you quickly.


What payment methods are accepted?

– All major credit cards

When am I billed each month?

You will be billed the morning of your delivery date. Feel free to visit your account settings page if you need to make any updates to your account.


How will my Cannabis be delivered?

A friendly and professional courier will deliver your Potbox discreetly to your home or office in a handy kraft gift bag. We will notify you prior to your delivery as a reminder.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can modify your subscription anytime under your account settings.

I'm having issues logging in

E-mail us at [email protected] and explain the issue you are having. During standard business hours we will be able to respond to you quickly.


Will I receive completely different strains every month?

Your box will include completely different strains from your previous month. Some strains that meet an exceedingly high quality level are grown again later in the year and could reappear in your Potbox down the road.

May I pick out specific strains of Cannabis?

At this time we only offer the ability to select your preference of Indica, Sativa and hybrid strains. Our farmers rotate Cannabis selections throughout the year, your selections will be based on a combinations of your preference and what in our last harvest matches your preference. This assures that every Potbox delivery is freshly cured Cannabis.

If I select an Indica box, may I later change it to a Sativa or Hybrid?

Yes. To do this you must first navigate to your account page. From there you can create a new subscription and cancel your previous subscription type.


Is all natural the same as organic?

In 2001 the USDA began to regulate the term “organic” for customer protection against false product claims. The USDA is a federally funded organization and does not recognize Cannabis as legal medicine yet, therefore they will not certify any Cannabis as “organic”. We hand-pick our farms and hold them to very high ethical standards. Once regulation does come into pace, our partners will be more than ready to apply. Read more about our farmers and their all-natural practices on our blog post about ethical cannabis.

What organic fertilizers and nutrients are used?

Hand-crafted bio-dynamic organic tea, organic ginger, coconut extract, and hand watered organic custom top-dressing


What standards do your hold your farmers to?

We only work with farmers that practice high ethical standards of production. Sun grown, legal responsible water supply, organic soil, organic nutrients, free of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides within in radius of property, etc Read more about our farms on our blog.

Is your question not listed here?

Email us at [email protected] or use the form below to submit your question.